Guaranteed Swedish-manufactured!

All our containers are CE-marked and manufactured in our own factory in Osby, in the south of Sweden. We have a solid background within the manufacturing industry and our containers are developed  to achieve a quality that will withstand tough conditions. Our staff members are highly competent and licensed to weld heavy steel plating.

Our different models

All models can be equipped with wheels or legs with a durable construction made of steel. Only a 30 mm height increase with wheels. All models are CE-marked and Approved.

BD500880 mm1200 mm800/900 mm250 kg500 liter
BD9501,090 mm1,330 mm990/1,090 mm430 kg950 liter
BD13001,340 mm1,560 mm990/1,090 mm575 kg1,300 liter
BD20001,340 mm1,560 mm1,350/1,450 mm675 kg2,000 liter
BD37001,890 mm2,080 mm1,350/1,450 mm990 kg3,700 liter


The container offloads and closes with the help of the forks of the forklift. The locking device for opening and closing is automatic, without any manual effect. The maximum opening capacity of the containers is only limited by the fork width of the forklift.

Patentet opening mechanism

Maxon Sweden has a patent-pending for the unique opening mechanism. After many years of development we have now produced the optimal solution for a safe, complication-free handling for opening and closing containers.

Industrial containers adapted for tough handling

The container is constructed using 5-8 mm steel plating and reinforced with strong profile pipes. The container has circular fork drums that allow for easy access for forklifts when opening and closing.

Easy to handle from all directions

The container can be lifted from four directions which facilitates access in confined spaces.