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BK Products is your obvious partner and complete provider when it comes to total solutions for sheet metal. From idea to finished product, offering precision in hot-rolled, cold-rolled or galvanized sheet metal; steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper or Aluzinc®.

BK Products has invested in a Maxon BD Container and is very pleased with the product as it is sleek, safe and very easy to manage.

BK Products plans to invest in more Maxon BD Containers.

CENJ AB in Skövde is using the Maxon Containers with bottom-discharge in the production .

Mattias Gustavsson, teamleader, is very satisfied with the Maxon container due to it’s very flexible, manageable and the truck driver doesn’t need to step out the truck when emptying.


Since 1910, CK Deep Drawing has been a stable, reliable and quality-conscious partner for international industries, as well as locally in Denmark.

Deep drawing and punching

We currently have a large and modern machine park which fulfils to global market demands and delivers “state of the art” performance in advanced sheet processing and finishing.

CK Deep Drawing currently uses six Maxon BD containers.

In May 2018, the company management attended the sheet metal fair in Jönköping and became very interested in Maxon BD containers and went on to buy six units shortly thereafter.

They appreciate the container because it is very easy to handle, efficient and is well and solidly constructed.

CK Deep Drawing Director Peter Möller says they have achieved a much better “flow” in the factory since they acquired the Maxon BD containers because their machines can now be run longer without any pause in production since the truck driver does not need to leave his vehicle when the container is to be emptied.

Elgiganten is one of Sweden’s leading home electronics and appliance department store chains and whose turnover is amongst the largest in the country’s retail segment. Elgiganten was established in Sweden in 1994 and today has almost 3,200 employees and 163 shops and department stores. The Elkjøp Group is owned by British Dixons Carphone Plc – one of Europe’s biggest home electronics retailers. All purchases are made on a Nordic basis and the products are brought to their Nordic distribution centre in Jönköping. This centre covers an impressive 100,000 square metres (equivalent to almost 14 football pitches) and supplies goods to the Elkjøp Group’s 289 department stores across Scandinavia.

Elgiganten’s Nordic distribution centre in Jönköping has invested in Maxon Containers.

Property and maintenance team leader Joacim Lindström says that they are very satisfied with the containers as they are very strong, stable and reliable. Since they do not resonate, the containers are quiet and vastly superior to other containers. Elgiganten has had no need to repair any of the containers since they bought their first in May 2016. The containers are stable and strong with sound edge protection, which prevents any damage to the units.

Joacim is appreciative of the container’s handling safety – the truck driver does not need leave his vehicle truck throughout the entire emptying process. Joacim also says that the containers have very smart mechanics, are very easy to empty and hold considerably more since they have no “ski slope” at the bottom. He sees it as a positive that the container is rectangular as it does not stick out in tight spaces.

Joacim Lindström says that the company will probably acquire more Maxon containers in the future.

The Maxon containers were supplied by Apex Materialhantering in Jönköping.

Göstas Truckuthyrning is an old, well-established company in Gothenburg. It was founded by Gösta Larsson in 1960 and was run with the help of his sons Ronny and Göran. Göstas is now in the hands of the 3rd generation, Stellan Larsson.

Göstas trucks use Maxon bottom emptying containers.

AB Heinz Nilssons Plåtbearbetning (Sheet Metal Processing) is a stand-alone steel service centre founded by Heinz Nilsson in 1982. The company’s business concept is to cleave and cut thin sheet metal, aluminium and stainless steel from coils.

Hnp is extremely satisfied with Maxon BD containers, has only used this type of container for 5 years, and currently has 25 BD containers. The idea for the BD container arose as a result of Hnp’s rigorous requirements and the need for a safe, easy-to-use and, above all, sustainable container.

According to the company’s owner Heinz Nilsson, Hnp saves SEK 200,000 – 300,000 per year using Maxon BD containers. This is thanks to reduced machine downtime because the container holds more than others, is quicker to empty and above all does not have to be taken out of production to be repaired or replaced.

Hnp intend to invest in 5 more BD containers because the business is growing.

Knauf in Åhus produces much more than plaster. They develop, manufacture, market and sell a complete product range for room partitioning.

Knauf is one of Maxon’s returning customers for bottom-emptying containers. Their purchases include a container that has a bottom seal and lid.

The company is very satisfied with their Maxons, as they are very easy to handle, can withstand heavy loads, do not need repairs, and are stable and robust.

Maxon BD containers hold considerably more than a conventional container and this means that Knauf does not need to empty them as often.

The company empties its containers up to 20 times a day and saves a lot of time as it has simplified the emptying routines in a very positive way.

Knauf is very positive about the Maxon container and has plans to invest in more Maxon BDs.

Norgips in Drammen has invested in a number of bottom-emptying containers from Maxon.

The company is very satisfied with the containers as they are very stable, easy to handle and safe from a work environment perspective. Norgips plans to invest in more containers.

Norgips is one of the leading suppliers of construction products in the Norwegian and Swedish markets.

Our vision: We plan on being winners in our industry through innovation, commercial expertise and efficient use of all resources.

Our values: Partnership, commitment, “humanity” and entrepreneurship.

What do we deliver?

Plasterboard and steel profiles

Norgips manufactures and sells plasterboard and steel profiles and delivers complete solutions including plasterboard, steel profiles, inspection doors/hatches, plaster, putty, screws, tools and other accessories.

Efficient logistics with easy delivery

By ordering the components of our building systems for simultaneous delivery, our customers are able to save on both time and money.

Norgips Optimisation

Optimisation is the service we offer to achieve a sleek, simple and economical implementation of construction projects. We offer start-up and project meetings, technical support, training and construction visits. Furthermore, our plasterboard and steel profiles can be supplied in special lengths tailored to the specific building.

Quality and the environment

Norgips attaches great importance to environmental friendliness, quality and safety. This applies both to the manufacturing process and the use of finished products. Our plates do not give off harmful gases or particles. Plasterboard is for many reasons one of the building industry’s materials of the future. Our most important areas of activity for the next few years will continue to be quality development and increased environmental management.


Oskarshamn is the site of Scania’s European truck cabin production facility and has been since 1946.

Scania in Oskarshamn uses Maxon BD Containers with wheelsets designed for sheet metal scrap and packaging in new production.

Scania appreciates Maxon containers because they are easy to handle, robust and do not need repairs. Previously, there were problems with the containers being used often breaking. When Niclas Lindekrantz met Maxon at the 2018 sheet metal fair in Jönköping, he recognised the containers as homogeneous and very solid. He also very much appreciates the service provided by Maxon.

Tre D Mekaniska AB in Vilshult has extensive experience of contract work with laser technology and is a supplier of sheet metal parts in most materials as well as providing mounting and packing of more complex units.

Tre D Mekaniska AB has invested in two Maxon bottom emptying containers.

Pär Johannisson talks about how they use the containers for scrap handling. They appreciate the Maxon containers for their durability, lightness and ease of use and that they never have to be repaired.

Tre D Mechanical intends to invest in more Maxon containers.

Tibnor is a modern distributor of steel and metals to Nordic industries. By ensuring their customers have the right products, at the right place, at exactly the right time, they make a difference and contribute to their success.

Tibnor has invested in a number of Maxon bottom emptying containers and is very satisfied with them, as they are stable and safe.

Uponor in Virsbo is using the Maxon Containers with bottom-discharge in the production.

The personnel at Uponor think the container is very flexible, manageable and easy when emptying.